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  • Protection from Accidental Injury: Commercial security window tinting acts like an invisible shield protecting non-suspecting persons from broken glass when accidents occur at home, office or in your window tinted vehicles. Ordinary annealed glass poses a serious danger when broken. Shattered pieces scatter in all directions and pose serious injury or even death to those in harm's way. Security window films are professionally engineered with powerful adhesives, which keep the dangerous dagger pieces of annealed glass together, reducing the hazard of broken glass while protecting the building occupants.


  • Protection from Violent Weather:  While we have better technology to predict bad or violent weather, often times we are still unable to stop Mother Nature’s wrath. One of the most hazardous dangers during a hurricane, tornado or earthquake is broken glass. As a result of violent weather, broken glass, wind, rain and flying debris are given full access to your home, office or business, causing extensive property damage and destruction. An advantage of window tinting with commercial security film is its ability to withstand extraordinary wind and force. Commercial security film helps prevent entry of water and wind-borne debris, providing superior protection 24-hours a day. Commercial security films are readily available to help you prepare, whenever disaster strikes.


  • Protection from Crime: You probably are most aware of the rise in crime due to global, economic duress these days. While security alarms are helpful, they do not always deter desperate or professional intruders. Most security professionals will advise that the most vulnerable areas of a home or office are windows and doors. These areas are the points of entry for vandal’s intent on breaking and entering for personal gain. Commercial security films make it most difficult for intruders to break the glass and therefore, they usually become discouraged and quickly depart for an easier target.


  • Protection from Explosions: Bombs. Industrial explosions. In an instant, an explosion can fire broken glass fragments at lethal speeds. Research conducted after explosions, points to flying and broken glass as one of the main causes of death or injury. While nothing can completely protect against powerful explosions, security films have proven their effectiveness in these moments of extreme danger.


  • Invisible Shield: Safety and Security films are available in Clear, invisible film types which form a protective shield that resists penetration and helps keep glass in place during break-ins, storms, earthquakes, hurricanes and explosions.


  • UV Protection and Energy Saving: Security film and Safety film help to block more of the sun rays that fade carpets and upholstery, thereby providing fade reduction protection from UV rays, increasing comfort and providing potential energy savings.


  • Light and Glare: Tinted Security and Safety film reduces light and glare.